Know the Different Types of Flat Iron and Dryer


Learn how to differentiate each type of shingle and dryer for the most beautiful smooth wires.

Whether or not it is fashionable, straight hair is the most desired among women. Therefore, some do not give up the use of flat iron and dryer.

And it is precisely to fulfill this desire that the market is launching, at all times, a new equipment, increasingly sophisticated and modern. Powerful machines with tourmaline, infrared, ions keep popping up! The following explains the function of each of these features. Thus, you discover the ideal for your hair.

Understand the components of each device!

The flat iron and dryer equipped with ions close the hair cuticles and maintain the natural moisture of the hair. They make the surface regular and the hair brighter. To top it off, ions neutralize electricity and control goose bumps.

Ceramic Ceramic
coated boards are less aggressive as they slide easily into your hair without friction. In addition, the coating makes it possible to reach high temperatures immediately after switching on and to keep them constant in the straightening process. What's more, when heated, it releases infrared rays that penetrate quickly, preventing dryness and other damage to the wires. Read titanium vs ceramic flat iron for more details.

When heated, releases negative ions that, in contact with positive hair charges, neutralize electricity, reducing frizz. In addition, tourmaline seals the hair cuticle, making it smoother, brighter and more behaved.

Promotes true cleaning, ensuring loose, shiny and soft wires.

In practice, this new feature makes appliances more efficient. In the flat iron, provides better hygiene, eliminates fungi and bacteria and leaves hair clean and protected. In the dryer, reduces the action of fungi and bacteria present in the air. With a pure jet, it results in a hygienic and healthy drying.

Make the most of these super machines!

When using the dryer…
· At hot temperatures, keep the appliance at least 10 centimeters (8 inches) from the wires to prevent burns.

· Try not to direct heat directly to the scalp. In addition to burning it, it can increase the greasiness in the hair root.

· To save time and energy, remove excess moisture by kneading your hair with a towel before using the equipment.

Avoid excessively hot air on wet hair, which is more fragile. Start with position 1 (moderate) and then move to position 2 (intense).

When using flat iron…

· Apply a thermoactivated leave-in to protect the wires from heat. And do not overdo the appliance temperature.


Make a brush first so that the board slides much more easily. Attention: use the flat iron on wet hair, do not think!

· Straighten each strand a maximum of three times to avoid burning the strands.

Be aware: If you use the appliance daily, you need to be careful about hydration, whether homemade or made in the salon.